Learning space and toolstack

Here we develop a mapping of relationships between capability-building practices in activist formations (formaciĆ²n) and a digital toolstack.

In the 2021 03 15 gathering of the meet.coop Community programme, on Shared learning space, Mike Hales gave a presentation on learning space and toolstack - slide deck is here pdf and a 17min recording of a longer version is here BBB playback

The basic pitch in that presentation is: rather than think in terms of a specialised 'learning space', maybe one approach is to focus in the stack of basic Tools for peer-to-peer collaboration and coproduction. This has been addressed, for example, as a layered architecture of 'trinity', 'stack' and 'deck'. See Digital toolstack

One of the principles - and fields of skill - that basically must be engaged is Infrastructuring aka design. While existing media and channels and platforms are already powerful, the capacity to systematically assemble and configure infrastructure is vitally important nfor activist formations.

> Beware builders at work. More to be added from the 2021 03 15 presentation, on learning 'space' . . on relations of radical production in knowing, on formaciĆ²n xxx

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